Hastings Old Town and Us

Hastings Old Town and Us

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We are, designer Nicola Helgesen and German-born Photographer Andreas Bleckmann, we joined forces romantically and professionally in 2002 and over the years we have worked together on a wide range of creative projects. 

It’s hard to define exactly what attracted us to Hastings Old Town, but the place has an anarchic energy, hotch-potch buildings, unruly fishing harbour, loads of great pubs, gorgeous unique stores and a fiercely independent community with a strong cultural heritage.

Tightly packed and woven together by a network of smugglers twittens, the town is surrounded by an expansive, undulating area of outstanding natural beauty, so I guess thats why we fell in love with Hastings.........each time we step out of our house and look through our gnarly street towards the sea, we are reminded why we choose this wild, somewhat mysterious place for our home.
We moved here in 2017, left our East London life behind and bought a rather down-at-the-heal late Georgian town house in need of urgent care and restoration. Two years, physical injuries & many tears later, a beautiful home emerged and will now serve as a backdrop and inspiration for our online store. 
Drawing on our extensive experience in design, interiors, product development, marketing, and photography we plan to bring you a range of products that we hope you will love and enjoy.
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Many thanks 
Nicky & Andreas x

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